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Your character has the ability to Channel (inborn or trainable), has completed the training program of the White Tower, and has taken the Three Oaths. As an Aes Sedai, you will be expected to participate in the Tower structure, although you have input into your assignment (teaching at the Tower, an advisor to a ruler, etc.) You will be asked to review the information in the Novice and Accepted training programs to be aware of how Channeling is played out on the MUSH.

You receive an additional 30 Skill points to spend in the Skills section of chargen. They MUST purchase the Aes Sedai Skill Packs in the Skills section of chargen, to set the basic Skills they would have learned during Aes Sedai training. There is one Skill Pack for each of the Ajah that an Aes Sedai can belong to.

Your character begins play with the Flaw of Oaths. Please include an overview of your experiences in the testing arches during your Novice test in your background, and the length of time you spent as a Novice and Accepted. The average time of each stage is shorter on the MUSH than in the novels – the average woman takes two to three game years to complete each stage. If your character was a Wilder, please include information about her block and how it was broken in your background. NOTE: You must set your character's age to 40 or higher to be approved for this Asset. See 'cg age channel2' for more info.

See 'cg magic' for information about the One Power section of chargen and One Power Statistics and Skills.

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