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Calliste Onoilla
Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah
Country: Mayene
Birthday: Somewhere in 900 NE.
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Green
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Calliste was born sometime in the year 900 NE in Mayene. She doesn't remember her birth parents, but was adopted by the Ilyena family. Bernier Ilyena, a poor fisherman, and his wife Carmaira already had two children, both older than Calliste, but they took her in anyway because they couldn't bear to leave her on the streets. She hadn't been with the Ilyena's long before her new sister, Lisien, was sent off to the White Tower. Apparently it was discovered she had some kind of spark and was able to become Aes Sedai. This really impressed young Calliste because her sister was off bettering herself just like she wanted to do. Gatien, on the other hand, didn't like that Calliste had come and supplanted him as the youngest. He constantly teased her and made her the subject of various pranks. Calliste secretly swore to herself that she would get away and come back one day to get revenge of him.

When she was 16, she stumbled across an Aes Sedai and her Warder at a tavern near her home. Calliste walked right up to her and actually demanded to be tested to see if she could channel. There must have been something about the young girl that the Aes Sedai liked because she gave in and tested the girl, finding that she was indeed trainable. This was explained to Calliste and despite the fact that she would never channel on her own, she again made demands on the Sedai. She wanted to go to Tar Valon and train to become Aes Sedai. The Sedai agreed and it was only a couple days before Calliste had said her good-byes to her family and was on a ship bound for Tear and eventually Tar Valon.

Ever since she was little, Calliste was certain that she was the bastard child of House Onoilla, so when she arrived at the Tower and was signed into the Novice books, she made sure her name was put down as Calliste Onoilla, not Calliste Ilyena. That made it official in her mind. She trained hard as a Novice, probably harder than most. She never got involved in pranks, not after being the brunt of so many from her brother. She did try to find out why her sister, Lisien, wasn't at the Tower when she arrived, but could never get a straight answer from the Mistress of Novices. It wouldn't be until many, many years later that she discovered her sister never emerged from her test for Acceptance. She spent four years as a Novice, and then another four as Accepted. Her Accepted years were as full of hard work as her Novice years. She may have been a step closer to Aes Sedai, but it was certainly no time to slack off. When she finally earned her Shawl, she petitioned the Brown Ajah. Her years of studying as a student would continue now that she was Aes Sedai.

It was during her time as Aes Sedai that she encountered a young woman by the name of Hannah Demanne. Something told Calliste to keep an eye on this woman, so she became one of the woman's mentors, trying to mold her towards the Brown Ajah. When it came time for Hannah to become Aes Sedai, she petitioned the Blue instead, but this did not deter Calliste. She stayed with Hannah, being there whenever she had questions, concerns or trouble. Finally, the moment Calliste had intuited so many years before happened. Hannah Demanne was named Amyrlin Seat by the Hall of the Tower after deposing Raemira Birnoas. This pleased Calliste to no end and she continued to be there as needed by the new Amyrlin, especially when her Keeper died, supossedly of natural causes as far as everyone outside the Hall was concerned. That's when Hannah named Calliste as her new Keeper.

Family Information


Bernier Ilyena

Calliste's adopted father. He was a poor fisherman living near the docks in Mayene. He was a good man. You'd have to be to take in another mouth to feed when you already had two children of your own. Calliste still has fond memories of him, but in the end, he was unable to give her what she wanted. (Last Updated: Sun Nov 21 12:48:58 2004)

Carmaira Ilyena

Calliste's adopted mother. She was a good woman took good care of Calliste, as best she could as a poor fisherman's wife. (Last Updated: Sun Nov 21 12:47:27 2004)


Gatien Ilyena

Calliste's adopted older brother. He was somewhat jealous of Calliste's arrival into the family, supplanting him as the youngest child. He showed this with frequent pranks and teasing which Calliste hated. She swore she'd come back for revenge someday, but her training at the Tower prevented it. By the time she became Aes Sedai, she had greater concerns to worry about.

Lisien Ilyena

Calliste's adopted older sister. Calliste didn't know her very well. Not long after she was adopted into the family, Lisien was sent off to the White Tower to train. By the time Calliste made it there herself, Lisien was gone. She was unable to find out what had happened to her, until recently when she checked the sealed records and found out that her sister had never emerged from the Accepted testing arches.




Canai Olima Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

A fellow Brown and a close friend of Calliste's. They were students together and were raised within months of one another, both choosing the same Ajah. They can often be found performing research together in the library or staying up late in one another's rooms pouring over old texts.


Elrien Elethus Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

Despite being a fellow Brown, Calliste and Elrien have butted heads over the years. Usually over Elrien's insistance on having a family. Calliste is a firm believer in Aes Sedai being beyond the need for family. The White Tower is their family now.

Yerusta Ale'skel Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

This is another woman Calliste has butted heads with over the years. In fact, she was probably the second choice for Keeper when Hannah's original Keeper died. That Calliste got it instead never sat well with Yerusta and the two haven't spoken since.

Other acquaintances

Aloysia Teranor, Accepted

While not particular geared towards the Brown, at least in Calliste's opinion, Aloysia is unusually gifted in all 5 elements as well as her overall strength in the Power. This could lead to some interesting discoveries and Calliste intends on being right there should they happen.

Hannah Stasia Demanne Aes Sedai, Amyrlin Seat of the White Tower

Calliste was one of Hannah's mentors when she was still a student and was attempting to groom the girl for the Brown Ajah. Hannah chose the Blue in the end, however, Calliste continued to be there for her whenever she had doubts, questions or concerns and as a result, Hannah chose Calliste to be her Keeper after Xereille's death.

Kendra Surene, Accepted and Kandori Princess

An Accepted and Princess to boot. She's also quite powerful in the Power, just like Calliste. This has attracted Calliste's attention and she wants to make certain that Kendra's ability and station are put to good use within the Tower.

Lelend Lyncos

Early spring you discovered a new street vendor working in Tar Valon. Master Lyncos is a confectioner and so you didn't expect to be able to sample his wares. However, he did have some candies made without honey and, since they were delicious, you have become a regular customer of his.

Lyanka Lennor, Novice

While still only a Novice, Calliste sees potential in the mind of this one. She intends to keep an eye on Lyanka and try to mold the girl towards her own Ajah.

Norlan Chaveza Gaidin

Norlan was a man who had recently losed his ward, a woman Calliste knew, as she was of the same Ajah. When the man returned to the Tower after a personal leave, Calliste took it upon herself to help the man feel at home again within the Tower. because of this, they soon became close, and Calliste bonded the man as her warder.

Raemona Gyrich, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

Raemona was Mistress of Novices when you came to the White Tower. She never would give you a straight answer about Lisien but you understand that now. She acts like she respects you at least.





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