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Hannah Demanne
Watcher of the Seals,
The Flame of Tar Valon,
The Amyrlin Seat
Country: Saldaea
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Amyrlin of the Aes Sedai
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Greenish Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Hannah Stasia Demanne was born many years ago in the small town of Dubroth, Saldaea. Her parents were at that point small time merchants, with growing prospects for trade within the country. The loved Hannah and her two younger sisters as best they could, but as expected from people who put their work ahead of everything, they lacked for attention and love. As a result, Hannah turned towards her books, and took to studying everything that she could get her hands on. Her formative years were spent in her room, or spent reading in the high trees that grew in her parents yard. She was more concerened with books and stories and learning than with things that a normal teenage girl would think about. Her hair was usually disheveled, and she always walked around with stray ink smudges on her face and dress.

As she grew, Hannah paid little attention to her parents dealings. By the time she was 15, her parents (Kay and Saaid) had built a large trading empire in Saldaea, specializing in ice peppers and spices that were rare to only their country. But something had set the Demanne's merchant house apart from the others. From the beginning, when they had been looking to expand through the country, Hannah's parents had made a pact with a man who had promised to help them. He later turned out to be a darkfriend who was linked to a large group that had infiltrated their towns council. Through his influence (and some less than legal dealings), the Demanne merchant house became the leading house in Saldaea. But there was a price to pay, and Hannah and her sisters were at the center of this. In return for the Dark influence, the Demanne's had always paid a significant sum of money to the dark organization.

But there was also something else that the group wanted: Hannah and her sisters. Two of them had the spark inborn (Hannah included) and the third was very susceptible to her parents influence. To the darkfriends, these sisters were a wonderful find, especially because two of them could channel. Hannah's parents agreed, and slowly attempted to turn the girls towards this dark influence. The youngest, Aurora, was easily swayed, but Hannah and her middle sister, Recayne, were not convinced. Though they knew that something was afoot, they couldn't figure out what it was, until an unlikely show down in their home, which left both her parents and her middle sister dead. Hannah and her youngest sister were both the only ones alive, but they could no longer think of themselves as sisters.

By this time, Aurora was firmly in the darkfriends camp, while Hannah was looking for a way away from the killing and the dark's influence. Trying to escape, Hannah stabbed her sister in what she thought was a death stroke. This gave her enough time to run out of the house and out of the town. In her mind, she was a murderer with the blood of her family on her hands. She ran from Saldaea and headed east as fast as possible. This is how she ended up in Tar Valon, waiting tables in a small inn on the outskirts of town. It was in this inn that Milyah Sedai of the Yellow Ajah found her and tested her for the spark. She was brought to the tower and made a Novice when she was 17.

She spent her formative years learning how to control her gift, and how to advance herself in the Tower. To block out the pain of what she had done (or what she thought she had done) she spent hours in the library, studying any book she could find. She was Raised to the status of Accepted when she was 22, and spent the brunt of her time working on her Fire weaves, which she was unnaturally gifted in. She also spent her time working on Earth weaves, the one area where she was definitely lacking. Even now, she can barely summon enough strength in Earth to move a pebble. She is above average strength in Spirit, average in Air and Water. Hannah is also marginally talented in walking the Dream, though she is still molding this talent as she grows in the her strength. She was found to have this talent as an Accepted, when she began to have dreams that would have lasting consequences in them morning. She could not place the cause at first, but after careful research and inquiring with the Brown Sisters, they determined that Hannah has the ability to learn this Talent. It is unknown how much more Hannah can really learn, though she will continue to study.

At 26, Hannah was tested for the Shawl and was Raised to the status of Aes Sedai. She petitioned and was accepted into the Blue Ajah, which was a great surprise to all. But while doing all her research, she fell in love with learning about diplomacy and politics. Though the Browns were angry for a few months, they learned to exist with a Blue Sedai with more than a few Brown streaks. Hannah has spent the bulk of her years as a Sister working in other countries, ferreting out information for the Tower and working as an advisor to royals. However, she lives in fear that her past will catch up with her. As an Aes Sedai, she was responsible for heading a group of others studying Tel'Aran'Rhiod - the world of Dreams, and until the time she was raised to Amyrlin Seat in the year 1006 N.E.

Family Information


Kay Demanne

Kay was Hannah's mother, though she died when Hannah was 17. Or rather, she was killed. Whatever good that Hannah might have felt about her mother is tainted by the fact that she was a Darkfriend, and attempted to convert her children to the Dark. In the end, she was one of two responsible for Racayne's death. She can't imagine how a mother could kill her own child!

Saaid Demanne

Saaid was Hannah's father, though he died when Hannah was 17. Or rather, he was killed. Whatever good that Hannah felt about her father is tainted by the fact that he was a Darkfriend, and attempted to convert his children to the Dark. In the end, he was one of two responsible for Racayne's death. She can't imagine how a father could kill his own child!


Aurora Demanne

Aurora is the greatest shame in Hannah's life, aside from her parents. She speaks little of her and often pretends she never existed. Aurora was swayed to the ways of the Dark, and upon their escape Hannah wounded her. She's pretty sure it was a mortal blow, though she never went back to make certain. She's lived with this her entire life, and it still haunts her today.

Racayne Demanne

Racayne was the light of Hannah's life. Her younger sister, the middle child, as Hannah was eldest. They were close and did many things together, including getting into mischief. Unfortunately, Racayne's light was ended all too early by their parents - as they attempted to convert their daughters to the ways of the Dark. Both Hannah and Racayne refused and so they were attacked. Racayne was killed, and Hannah somehow managed to escape, wounding her youngest sister, Aurora, in the process.




Althea Sedai of the Brown Ajah

With the beginning of her second season of Brown Sitter, Althea made her impression on Hannah when a project requiring a visit with the Amyrlin every day. Topics of conversation spanned from professional to personal and the pair got to know each other quite well. Althea is a progressive thinker but traditional in manner and seems to want to make some changes for what she believes is the betterment of the Tower (among them, altering the testing process used to promote Novices), but is willing to make the effort to use proper channels to make those changes at the same time. And because of this, she has cultivated considerable clout in the Tower, respected no matter the Ajah or politics--even if her goals are not necessarily agreed with, she holds considerable influence. She also seems quite insightful despite her youth. Althea gave some sensible and sound advice with regards to how Hannah should approach the Hall on certain issues she deems significant, which the Amyrlin followed and it paid off. A very beneficial friendship on both sides. Hannah encouraged Althea to see her more often even after the project has concluded and the Brown agreed.


Corelian was Hannah's warder for a relatively short time, just a couple of years all told, but in that time he made a lasting impression. He was a large man, powerfully built, but with a heart of gold. A Malkieri Traditionalist, he kept with the old ways that many have long forgotten. Corelian was not only her protector but her lover and friend as well. She planned to marry him, privately if not publically, but his life--and with it her bond--was cut short when he died suddenly and unexpectedly in a freak accident mere weeks after she was raised to the Amyrlin Seat. She took his death very hard, and in her grief sheared her waist-length hair off at about chin-level with a knife. Corelian always loved her hair. It has been over two years since then, and her hair has grown out a bit, but she still keeps it trimmed a little shorter as if by doing so she can deny how much time has really passed. She still grieves, but her way of coping has been to immerse herself in her work.. something which can be a detriment just as much as a boon.

Darek al'Lyrann

Darek was Hannah's second warder. He had some rather uncanny and unusual abilities; mainly that of being able to speak to wolves and enter the Dreamworld. Hannah was the one responsible for bringing him to the White Tower and getting him settled into the training program. Although reluctant at first, he agreed to become Hannah's warder on 24 Saban 1010.

Muriel Senova

Hannah sometimes helped Muriel with her training during her years as a student in the White Tower. They're not really friends, persay, though they did talk alot about various topics. Since Hannah became Aes Sedai, their talks were less frequent, and ever since she became Amyrlin Seat, nearly non-existent. Muriel is now an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah and might run into her during the course of her duties. What she particularly remembers of Muriel is that she bonded herself to a horse once as one of her many projects since being raised, and it nearly drove her insane. The bond has since been dissolved, though Hannah often wonders at what the girl was thinking! Muriel was interested in bonding Darek but stopped pursuing it in deference to her friendship with Hannah.


Sarilara Riathan, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah

Sarilara is a Sitter of the Hall and is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. This woman has an absolute dislike for Hannah, and she's not always sure why. It has something, maybe, to do with the way that she teaches students. Hannah that is. Sarilara says she cuddles them too much. Whatever. Hannah's now Amyrlin Seat and has to make nice with her, especially since she's a sitter. Hannah will do what she must to keep the peace where she can, but she's decided that she dislikes the woman almost as much as Sarilara has decided she dislikes Hannah.

Other acquaintances

Andrei Gaidin

Hannah first met Andrei about seven years after she was raised to the shawl, when he arrived at the Tower in the company of fellow Blue Lutya Sedai as her warder. In an unusual and somewhat controversial move, the young man was permitted to enroll in the Gaidin training program as a Sworn. She didn't really follow his progress, but within a few years he was awarded the cloak and not long afterward Lutya went off again on some mission or another, taking him with her. During Hannah's years in the field, she bumped into Lutya and her Gaidin a few times and found him to be an honorable and capable sort of man with a deeply-rooted respect for Aes Sedai. She's heard somewhat peripherally of his parting of ways with Lutya Sedai and found it somewhat surprising but didn't really have the time to look into it--and wasn't really sure it was any of her business anyhow. She's also heard that since then he's accepted the bond of another Blue, Aramoine Sedai, a Sister Hannah knows rather well from her student years.


Hannah took Arewin to the Tower, along with his sister. His sister was going to be taught at the tower, and Arewin accompanied her. The sister died from a disease during the trip but Arewin came along to the White Tower. There, he has trained and met with Hannah on frequent occasions, up until she became Amyrlin. After that, they rarely saw each-other and Arewin's training continued. Arewin left a suicide note for Hannah before disappearing from the Tower, never to be seen again.

Calliste Onoilla Aes Sedai, Keeper of the Chronicles

Calliste was one of Hannah's mentors when she was still a student and was attempting to groom the girl for the Brown Ajah. Hannah chose the Blue in the end though, but Calliste continued to be there for her whenever she had doubts, questions or concerns. As a result, Hannah chose Calliste to be her Keeper after the death of Xereille.

Damara Alddryn, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah

Damara was one of the Sitters responsible for placing Hannah in her current position. She's a well-respected Sister (despite being Red) and often takes charge of Hall Meetings when Hannah's duties prevent her from attending. Outside of Hall Meetings and Oathing Ceremonies, Damara and Hannah have had little interaction.

Ibn Morcath

Morcath and Hannah had a rather limited relationship. Professional is what best describes their interactions. She respects the work that he has done as the former Master Gaidin, and hears he waspleased to see she was appointed Amyrlin Seat.

Qiani Mansetti, Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

Qiani was raised to the shawl during Hannah's time as Assistant Mistress of Novices, and for that reason she knows her somewhat better than most other Sisters can claim.. better, perhaps, than Qiani herself may realize. Hannah knows that she was orphaned as a child, and that she relished the opportunity to live and study at the Tower. She was an avid student and a very well behaved girl who almost never got in trouble.. a model student, in many respects, which earned her more intense scrutiny from some of Hannah's Sisters. Hannah found her to be a dedicated, loyal, clever and studious lass, and was not at all surprised when she petitioned the Brown Ajah upon her raising in 1006 NE, a few months prior to Hannah's own raising to the Amyrlin Seat. Since then, she has made the somewhat controversial decision to marry her Gaidin. It is a move Hannah both understands and respects, having been planning to do the same at one time.. but she also know the pain and heartache that comes from losing a love and Gaidin, and worries that as happy as her Daughter may be now that only sorrow will eventually come from it.

Ralleth Gaidin

It is commonly known that he bears a great resentment towards Aes Sedai, but he will not tell anyone why. Hannah wants to find out why.

Serephine Sedai of the White Ajah

Formerly a Sitter for the White, she has lost her chair. She seems to be completely disinterested in the goings on in the world, but Hannah does not believe this is true.

Sunelin Oameth, Sitter for the Brown Ajah

Sunelin is working with Hannah on researching the prophecies of Tarmon Gaidon.

Thad Hargraves

Thad is the Regent of Cairhien and widely known to do not trust Aes Sedai one whit. Hannah and Thad met rather casually, but developed a pleasant relationship through Tel'arian'rhiod. She seemed to impress Thad with with her integrity and bluntness in their dealings that he offered Hannah a welcome to Cairhien as a resident, to act as a sort of liaison between the Throne and the White Tower. He seemed genuinely disappointed when she became Amyrlin Seat, which puzzles her. She would have thought it would have gone a long way to improve relations between the White Tower and Cairhien.

Tobas Lennor

Tobas and Hannah only met a few times when Tobas was new in the Tower. They discussed life and philosophy in general, but rarely had time to do any more talking after a few months into the training program for the young Sworn.

Vasily Asaway, Ex-Gaidin

Hannah and he are somewhat familiar. He and Kellen was the two Warders that found Xereille when she died, and he was posted outside her door for protection and also followed when she went anyplace. He was Sarilara Sedai's gaidin twice but his gaidin cloak was revoked for misconduct by Master Gaidin Zannick after he was unbonded the second time. His oaths to the Tower are no more.





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