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General Overview

Novice is the first level of training at the White Tower for those women studying to become Aes Sedai. Only a woman with the ability to Channel can become a Novice. Most women remain at the Novice level for several years, and must successfully undergo a stringent test before they can become Accepted. Some women never go beyond the level of Novice.

The Novices learn much about their ability and how to control the One Power, but they also pursue studies in many other fields, such as history and politics, in preparation for their eventual roles. Novices are required to follow many rules, and are punished for any disobedience. They are also assigned a lot of chores, such as cleaning and dishwashing.

Novice Life - In Character

Those young woman who begin the first stages of their training at the White Tower are termed Novices. These are young girls who show potential in the ability to channel the One Power, either through some natural affinity or a latent showing of talent. To gain entrance to training program, a student must show the potential to channel the One Power. Many girls ask to be tested, while others are discovered in backwater villages, cities, and along the countryside. Girls who do not travel to the Tower on their own must often be convinced and cajoled into joining the Tower in some way. They are never forced.

Only when the potential student is entered into the Novice book is she truly a Novice of the White Tower, and hence subject to the rules governing the Tower. All others are considered guests, able to freely move about in the public areas of the Tower and leave the Tower freely at their own will. Once a potential student has entered her name into the Novice book, she becomes a direct ward of the White Tower and under the direct supervision of the Mistress of Novices, who shall oversee her progress and training within the White Tower.

Novices will be issued several plain white dresses which are to be kept as clean and presentable as possible. Soiled dresses are laundered by the Tower staff, unless otherwise noted. No jewelry is permitted to be worn, unless by special permission of the Mistress of Novices. Hair ribbons and clips are accepted, within reason. Typically, Novices where all white, unless they are doing particularly dirty chores and then they can change into other clothing. Each Novice is also issued a room of her own in the Novice Dorms, which are located on the fourth floor of the White Tower. They are to be kept spotless, as one never knows when an Aes Sedai might make an inspection tour.

Life for a Novice will typically begin with chores, having to perform such mundane tasks as cleaning out the pigeon coop, scrubbing particularly dirty pots and pans, and a variety of other tasks. Usually, when Novices are not busy with classes, they are found busy with chores. Novices are never allowed to use the One Power to complete a chore or task assigned to them. The Aes Sedai believe the work builds character within the student and that it teaches that the One Power is not always an acceptable or necessary means to completing a simple task.

All Novices are governed by a series of rules which they must follow. The rules are strict, with little room for toleration; though it has been rumored that sometimes the Mistress of Novices can be lienient. Novices are expected to obey the rules at all times, and are informed of them when they first gain entrance to the Tower. If a Novice breaks the rules, she is sent directly to the Mistress of Novices, who then determines a punishment. Unless otherwise deemed appropriate, the punishment is always kept privately between the Novice, the Mistress of Novices, and the Amyrlin Seat.

The Novices have a series of lessons and classes they must complete before they are able to advance in the White Tower. The first lesson a Novice will encounter is learning how to embrace the source. This is a very important step in one's training. Not everyone will be able to perform the task right off, though it often times shapes and molds how a particular student will be handled throughout her career in the White Tower. Other classes follow, both in the Power and in general studies, such as basic math, history, and items of esoteric interest.

Novice Life - Out of Character

To gain entrance in the White Tower, first a potential student must be approved through the character generation process. Those waiting for approval should read over CG RESTRICTED and CG RESTRICTED WAIT, as it gives varying ideas on how to best put your time to use.

Potential Novices should determine a few things before they complete their character: Do I want to be or a latent channeler? Do I want to simply be discovered right in Tar Valon or in another area? Do I want other people involved in my discovery? Do I want to be weak, average, or powerful? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you go through. Only wizards can approve restricted characters once players have completed their character specs.

When a girl has the spark inborn, she will channel whether she wants to use her gift or not. Such an example would be a Wilder, one who is born with the ability, but has never been trained. A Wilder character has the option of training at the Tower, or keeping to herself, becoming a Wisdom, perhaps. People classified as 'Trainable' have the ability to channel. But it will never manifest itself unless they are discovered through testing. It's a dormant ability. Not everyone born with the spark becomes a Wilder; only those who fall through the cracks and are not discovered before their first few touchings of the One Power.

The discovery of the ability in a potential student is the first experience that she'll ever receive on the game. All discoveries are to be approved through the Amyrlin Seat and/or the Mistress of Novices. This is to check for the thematicity of potential scene and to make sure the potential student isn't doing something far beyond her ability or range. Once the discovery is approved, the student has the option of determining how she wishes to proceed with her discovery. She can include common citizens, Aes Sedai, Accepted, anyone she wishes in her scene.

Novices have a series of lessons that they must complete OOCly before they will be considered for Accepted level training. It is up to the Novice to attend the lessons and classes offered. If they find that they are having a difficult time getting classes, they should approach the Amyrlin Seat and/or the Mistress of Novicse, and her designates. They will help the student as much as possible in making sure she obtains her appropriate classes.

Novices are expected to ICly complete a series of chores every day. However, in the onscreen life, it can be determined that those chores have been completed, leaving the Novice free to do other things and get involved in other roleplay. The Tower Staff recognizes that Novices may not always wish to RP chores or other grunge work all the time. Though students may find that they are good openers to RP scenes.

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