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Palon ###
Country: ###
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: ###
Job: ###
Hair Color: Black with gray streaks
Eye Color: Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Palon was born and raised in Malkier. The men in his family always joined the Blight Scouts and as such he grew up in a middle class family where concepts as honour and duty were of the utmost importance. His mother was the village Wisdom which meant that other villagers constantly came to their door looking for cures and his mother demanded that he and his sister behaved themselves impeccably whenever one of her patients went by. Palon always knew he would join the Blight Scouts one day, his father had been grooming from it ever since he was a little boy, but he had been serving with them for little more than a year when Malkier fell to the Blight. He was one of the few Malkieri warriors who came out alive, if grievously injured. It took him months to recover and when he did it was only to learn that the nation he had vowed to protect had been destroyed and that no member of his family had survived. Upon hearing this the young man became obsessed about fighting the Dark and would have run straight to his death if it weren't for Trelsendra Sedai of the Green Ajah, former Aes Sedai Advisor to Malkier's King until the death of her first and only Warder 3 years previously. She managed to convince Palon that he'd be of more value for the light by becoming her Warder.

As Trelsendra's Warder, a whole new world opened to Palon's eyes. This woman was no ordinary Green. She had served as advisor to courts around the world and enjoyed traveling throughout the lands, always expanding her Eyes & Ears network which was the largest of her Ajah. She was dedicated to rooting out the Shadow wherever it was hiding and Palon slowly began to realise that the Blight wasn't the only place where the Darkfriend's supporters were threatening the Light. As he traveled through the southern lands Palon grew more accepting of the alien cultures and he began to turn into the open-minded individual that he is today. Still, he often longed to journey to the north so that he and Trelsendra could aid the Borderlands in their fight against actual Blight and Shadowspawn. And being a Green, Trelsendra realised the importance of preparing herself for the Last Battle and so often agreed with his desire.

They rarely spent time at the Tower and when they did Palon ignored the other Gaidin and spent time in the library, studying on the Dark One and Shadowspawn. He became quite the expert in this field, much to his and Trelsendra's benefit. He and Trelsendra have saved each other's lives plenty of times over the years. But sometimes he felt that she was holding things back from him, something which he felt could endanger both their lives. When one time she nearly fell victim to a Draghkar's kiss he had had enough, after dealing with the former Accepted who had turned to the Dark after being cast out by the Tower Palon confronted his Ward. He made it clear that he should be made aware of the dangerous at some missions, that he would not accept her silence about this and that she would have to understand that in some areas he was just more experienced than she was. Trelsendra was naturally taken aback and for about a week the two ignored each other, it coming dangerously close to her releasing him from his Bond. After those 10 days however she had come to realise that she needed him and that he had a point. Things approved after that, with Trelsendra becoming more open about what she was doing, her suspicions of the people involved and the possible dangers they could encounter. Palon from his side was sworn to secrecy and was not to show any sign that he knew what was really going on. But in the privacy of their room, Warded against intruders, he offered his own opinion and advice and the Green Sister paid close attention to his words. Slowly but surely, the two became more equals than Bondmates and up to this day Palon is Trelsendra's chief advisor.

Early 996 NE things changed dramatically for Palon when he encountered an old woman who recognised him as hailing from Malkier. She told him that his fate would be the same as his country's and she spoke with such conviction that he was compelled to believe her. Someday he would fall victim to the Shadow. After brooding about this for several months his main concern was that of Trelsendra's safety. If he was to die in battle or by assassins, who was going to protect her from the same fate? And the last time she had lost a Warder she had withdrawn herself from her task, broken by the loss. He was to prevent this from happening again and the solution was of course very simple: she was a Green and as such allowed to Bond several Warders at once. During a brief stint at the Tower later that year he noticed the impressive skill with the axe of a Domani sworn. He pointed the man out to Trelsendra and after he was raised she Bonded him as her Second Warder. The three got along quite well, in spite of Ramathril's temper and womanising ways, but Palon felt another addition was needed to make things perfect. He found one less than 2 years later in Luthiel, an Illianer who had recently been raised to the cloak. Having grown up on the streets, Luthiel knew the ways of the underworld and was quite amazing with his knives. After some initial discomfort each member of the foursome became used to the situation and together they formed a near perfect team. As a Green, Trelsendra was inclined to be intimate with all her Gaidin once in a while in order to maintain control and Palon laid down the rule that whenever she did, she was to muffle the Bond in order to prevent discomfort in the other Gaidin which could disrupt the balance of the group. Although he isn't Tower trained like the other two, Palon is clearly the one in charge and both Luthiel and Ramathril look up to him. The only time when the balance is threatened is when Palon chooses to disagree with Trelsendra for then Ramathril takes his side and Luthiel Trelsendra's. Usually however they work things out.

Some years later Trelsendra was called back to Tar Valon to become a Sitter and Head of the Ajah's Eyes & Ears network. Palon has for the first time in 5 decades found a home and privately admits to enjoying this for he is beginning to feel his years.

Family Information


Jigme, Wisdom (deceased)

Your mother was the village Wisdom and her duties kept her quite occupied. She was a stern woman who made sure that her children knew how to behave themselves. She and your sister were both killed when the Trolloc hordes attacked your village. You try not to think of what her last hours must have been like.

Pasang, Blight Scout (deceased)

Your father was a Blight Scout, as his father had been before him and his grandfather, his great-grandfather, etc., etc. So he naturally expected you, his only son, to follow in his foot steps and prepared you for this from when you were a little boy. As a result you and him were very close and you remember quite vividly how proud he was the day that you became a Blight Scout yourself. He was one of the first to fall when Malkier was attacked and you hope that his death came quick, without pain.


Adhe, Wisdom apprentice (deceased)

Adhe was 2 years younger than you were and as children you got along well together when growing up although you naturally had those arguments that are usual among siblings. She wanted to become a Wisdom like mother and Jigme had agreed to train her. The two of them were both killed when the Trolloc hordes attacked your village. You try not to think of what her last hours must have been like.




Luthiel Gaidin, Trelsendra's third Warder

Luthiel joined the Tower when he was 20 years old, having grown up on the streets in Illian's Perfumed Quarter. Since then he has changed a lot, becoming dedicated to fighting the Shadow and very strict about upholding the rules. You noticed this dedication when you returned to the Tower 1 years after he was raised and pointed him out to Trelsendra as good Bonding material. Having grown up on the streets, Luthiel is an excellent addition to the team as he has ways of picking up what is going on in the under belly of the city, often learning valuable information about the shady dealings of the upper class. You and him get along well together but whenever you and Trelsendra argue he tends to pick her side, just as Ramathril chooses yours.

Ramathril Gaidin, Trelsendra's second Warder

You first met Ramathril during his last months as Sworn when you were staying in the Tower for a while. You noticed his impressive skill with the axe and felt that he would make a fine addition as Trelsendra's second Warder. You were proven right but Ramathril is quite the odd ball in the bunch due to his infamous Domani temper, arrogance and the fact that he's a womaniser. He finds Trelsendra quite unattractive, preferring tall, dark women like the ones of his home country. You have taken him under your wing and become his mentor with the result that he is very anxious to make sure he doesn't do anything to displease you. Whenever you and Trelsendra disagree he always pick his side.

Trelsendra Sedai of the Green Ajah

You first met Trelsendra in 953, the year that Malkier fell to the Blight. She had been the King's advisor till 3 years previously when her first and only Warder died. She returned at once upon hearing the news, trying to help the refugees and injured. You were obsessed about fighting the Dark and would have run straight to your death if it wasn't for her. She convinced you that you'd be of more value for the Light by becoming her Warder. The two of you have traveled all over the land and have been through a lot together. You have been Trelsendra's companion and advisor for the past 5 decades and you consider her your best friend. Occasionally you've shared her bed but this is less a sign of love and more that of someone you feel comfortable with. Plus, being the lover of her Gaidin makes Trelsendra feel she is in control. In theory she is your carneira and sometimes you can't help but remember the old saying that "your carneira wears a part of your soul as a ribbon in her hair forever". This doesn't stop you from arguing with her whenever you feel she needs to change her plans or is doing something foolish.


Davion Astaron Claproth

There is something about this Saldaean guy that makes you very uneasy around him. His skill with the blade is quite exceptional, to the point that you believe him to be the equal of a Blademaster. But his sword... you find it to be a most nefarious weapon and watch this man wherever you go, believing him to be involved with the Dark for some reason.

Durhas Imhorgan, the Shae Doon (Black Dog) of Arafel

Maigdhal 1005 Trelsendra had an encounter with Durhas, the infamous Gaidin and suspected Darkfriend bonded by Neri Sedai of the Yellows. For some reason Durhas believed she had done him a favour upon their chance encounter offered her the opportunity to go to his bed in gratitude. Trelsendra did not like this assumption at all and used the Power to humiliate him in public, something Durhas didn't appreciate at all. And since your Ward's enemies are your enemies, you are keeping an eye on this one.

Other acquaintances





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