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Phaedra Stanwyck
Aes Sedai, Blue Ajah
Country: Saldaea
Birthday: Fiveday, 5 Tammaz, 979 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Aes Sedai
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Phaedra Stanwyck has never been very forthcoming about her family. She comes from Saldaea, as evident of her proud features upon her face, as well as her fire from the Borderlands and her knowledge of horses. Coming to the Tower at the age of 17, the spark born within her, Phaedra was an instant troublemaker, warned more times than not that her trouble will lead her to places she did not want to go. And the Farm was a frequent place she visited

Yet, the Aes Sedai put up with Phaedra for her antics, if only because of her above average strength and her wiliness to learn. She was taught that patience was a virtue, even if she did not practice such means or measures. She settled down after a fashion; though only enough to be tested for Acceptedhood.

Once the weeding process was over, Phaedra was up to her old antics again. Having Power over others and able to learn more easily than most, has filled her head more than she could imagine. It didn't help that some Aes Sedai doted over her abilities to pick up new weaves without so much as blinking or that her strength outweighed a number of them. The last time she pulled a prank, involving a few of the younger students, she was warned that anything more and she may be expelled from the Tower, permanently.

After working hard during her years as an Accepted, Phaedra finally was able to be tested for the Shawl. After passing and taking the Oaths, she took to the Blue Ajah as her niche in the Tower. Not long after attaining the Shawl, Phaedra was approached by the Mistress of Novices at the time and invited to become one of her Assistants. She thrived at the position, and when Lynna stepped down, Phaedra ended up being named the new Mistress of Novices.

Family Information


Sunelin Oameth

Kendra Surene



While an Accepted, Phaedra managed to use a mixture of Animal Communication and Animal Compulsion in order to gain a better understanding of a hawk she had purchased for the project. Her end results proved useful, as she was able to peer through the hawk's eyes, which became important before a raid by Children of the Light.



Blue Ajah


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