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Associated Statistic: Power

The Finesse Skill is only available to Channelers. Your character's Finesse level represents your training and skill in the use of the One Power, and your general knowledge about Channeling and the One Power. A character of levels 1-3 would not be able to consistently touch the Source or control the Power channeled. A character of levels 4-5 has basic competency with the One Power.

See 'The One Power' for information about the One Power section of chargen and One Power Statistics and Skills.

The following is a guideline to what your character might know at each skill level. See CG SKILL CHARTS for info on using these charts in role-play.

If your character has ICly learned split weaves and is of appropriate level to use them, a male character can maintain a number of split weaves equal to his Finesse, and a female character can maintain a number of split weaves equal to her Finesse divided by 2, rounded down.

  1. You can touch the Source about 50 percent of the time, and actually channel something about 25 percent of the time, although it often isn't exactly what you meant to channel.
  2. You can touch the Source nearly 75 percent of the time, and channel something, usually what you meant to, about 50 percent of the time.
  3. You touch the Source successfully nearly all of the time. You can channel simple single Element weaves with ease, and are starting to feel more comfortable with simple weaves using two elements.
  4. You are increasingly adept with moderate strength single Element weaves and simpler weaves using multiple elements. You're learning how to split your weaves. (Typical Accepted level.)
  5. You are competent with multiple Element weaves of moderate strength. You are generally successful at maintaining split weaves. You have learned a good stock of general weaves. (Advanced Accepted to weak Aes Sedai level.)
  6. You are generally comfortable working with weaves near the limit of what you can channel, and also with weaves of a fair degree of complexity. (Average Aes Sedai level.)
  7. You know a large stock of weaves and can occasionally improvise new weaves on the spur of the moment.
  8. You can work with delicate weaves or weaves at the utmost strength of what you can channel with ease.
  9. You know an impressive number of weaves and there are few conditions that would interfere with your ability to use them.
  10. You are adept at improvising weaves on the spur of the moment.
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