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General Overview

Sworn is the second and final stage of Warder training at the White Tower. This stage of training can last as long as several years.

While weapons training is still an important part of the Sworn's studies, once he has chosen a Path his main training focuses on the acquisition of other skills. The study areas of each Path are designed to help the student gain knowledge and skills that will help him to assist any Aes Sedai he might be bonded to, so the two can work together in achieving the goals of the White Tower.

NOTE: Levels of training for Warders students are not mentioned in the novels, they are unique creations of Cuendillar.

Sworn Life - In Character

The Sworn level is the second and final stage of training within the Warder training program. Typically, sworn are promoted from the ranks of Trainees - young boys who joined the Tower between the ages of 12 and 22. However, there are some rare occassions where young men decide they wish to join the Tower. These young men are often times put through a series of rigorous tests before being given the option to join as a trainee or a sworn.

These young men are raised, trained and guided in the path that will make them the best Gaidin possible. Those that are broken and cannot handle the strain of training find themselves sent away from the tower and removed from the training program as failures. It is a very rare occurance when the Tower removes a Sworn from the training program, though it has been known to happen.

All Sworn are expected to wear the uniform issued by the White Tower. They are given an unadorned, gray woolen shirt which ties in the front and a pair of black woolen pants and black socks. Sworn wear their paints neatly tucked into a pair of black boots. They are expected to keep a neat and tidy appearance, keeping their clothing clean and boots polished at all times. To designate them from the Trainees in the Tower, upon passing their test they are given a small pin of a silver sword which its to be work on the lapel of their shirt.

Sworn are given an allowance of spending money each month that can be used to free time or days off or even on trips away from the tower and afforded nicer rooms in the Tower than the spartan rooms they were given as trainees. They can expect to have real furniture and a rug upon their floor. Like their appearance, they're expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy at all times.

Unlike trainees, sworn are permitted to carry weapons. They must take care when wearing their weapons and may not draw live steal unless it is an extreme emergency. If a sworn brought weapons with him when he joined the Tower, they are returned; having been confiscated as a part of the induction process of the trainee.

Like the Accepted, the Sworn have fewer rules which they must follow. It takes more rules to be broken or larger infractions to be punished, but it does happen. Those that break the rules often times find themselves under the scrutiny of the Master of Arms or one of his designates; who may assign punishments as needed. Just like Trainees, Sworn are expected to complete daily chores.Sworn also have a series of general lessons and weapons classes that they must complete before they may be raised to the Warder: Trained level. When a Sworn is deemed ready to be raised, he'll face an ordeal before a group of Gaidin.

Sworn Life - Out of Character

To gain entrance in the White Tower, first a potential student must be approved through the character generation process. Players may not RP restricted abilities until their character has been approved. Those waiting should read over CG RESTRICTED and CG RESTRICTED WAIT, as it gives varying ideas on how to best put your time to use.

Potential students should consider the following things: age, previous weapons learned, and the desired level they really wish to be within the White Tower. Only wizards can approve restricted characters once players have completed their character specs.

Sworn are expected to spend a little bit of their experience on their independant study classes or general lessons. If a Sworn worked on something involving a new style of weapons training, or if they took something in esoteric lore, they may raise that skill, etc. More specifically, the XP should be spent on skills the field of expertise they are gearing their character toward.

Sworn are expected to undertake the role of mentoring trainees onscreen. This not only frees up the Gaidin from teaching the trainees, but gives them more time to focus on sworn as they follow through with their studies. Sworn should be readily available to RP taking trainees into the city, sparring and practice sessions, or holding a lesson. Those sworn who fail to give help to the trainees may find themselves held back from raising to the Warder: Trained level until he shows involvement in Tower activities.

Sworn approved out of character generation may want to watch a few of the trainee lessons before asking to teach one. There is no observation requirement for sworn. They are typically considered to have enough common sense to run a weapons class without getting anyone killed.

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