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General Overview

Trainee is the first level of study at the White Tower for those men in training to become Warders. Once a man has been accepted for training, he may remain at the Trainee level for several years until he has perfected the basic Warder skills.

The bulk of a Trainee's study focuses on weapon skills, but he will also begin to learn more about the creatures of the Dark One, riding and the care of horses, and something of history, geography, politics and similar fields.

NOTE: Levels of training for Warders students are not mentioned in the novels, they are unique creations of Cuendillar.

Trainee Life - In Character

The trainee level is the first stage of training within the Warder training program. To train at the tower is a great honor. But the life of a trainee is not glamorous one. Boys ranging in age from 12 to 22 are allowed admittance to the tower training program. These young men are raised, trained and guided in the path that will make them the best Gaidin possible. Those that are broken and cannot handle the strain of training find themselves sent away from the tower and removed from the training program as failures. Any Gaidin can sponsor a boy in the tower training program. That decision is based purely upon the whims of the Gaidin. Appeals or special consideration for admittance must go through the Master Gaidin or the Master of Arms.

Only after a potential is formally accepted into the program is he officially a trainee. While the trainees are pushed they are given more leeway than the novices. Beyond the hours spent in the yard training, sparing and the chores that are assigned they are given freedom to explore their own activities and interests. Entering the city is permitted however leaving the island is not, unless permission is given by either the Master of Arms or the Master Gaidin. All trainees are required to be back on tower grounds by the tenth bell.

Trainees are issued several garments which they must wear at all times during the course of their training. They are given an unadorned, gray woolen shirt which ties in the front and a pair of black woolen pants and black socks. Trainees wear their paints neatly tucked into a pair of black boots. They are expected to keep a neat and tidy appearance, keeping their clothing clean and boots polished at all times.

There is no internal structure to the trainees beyond that simple rank that distinguishes them from the Sworn above them. Any internal pecking order is determined by the trainees themselves. Some are natural leaders while others are social misfits. Trainees are given an allowance of spending money each month that can be used to free time or days off or even on trips away from the tower.

Trainees are not permitted to carry weapons of their own. All weapons will be confiscated during the induction process, to be returned once they've raised to Sworn or been dismissed from the Tower, whichever comes first. The trainee is also assigned a room in the barracks that will remain his and give him some private space while he is a guest of the tower.

Like the novices, the trainees also follow a series of strict rules. Those that break the rules often times find themselves under the scrutiny of the Master of Arms or one of his designates; who may assign punishments as needed. Trainees also have a series of general lessons and weapons classes that they must complete before they may be raised to the Sworn level. When a trainee is deemed ready to be raised, he'll face an ordeal before a group of Gaidin.

Trainee Life - Out of Character

To gain entrance in the White Tower, first a potential student must be approved through the character generation process. Players may not RP restricted abilities until their character has been approved. Those waiting should read over CG RESTRICTED, as it gives varying ideas on how to best put your time to use.

Potential students should consider the following things: age, previous weapons learned, and the desired level they really wish to be within the White Tower. Only wizards can approve restricted characters once players have completed their character specs.

A trainee discovery is a bit different from that of a novice discovery. Novices must have their One Power potential determined before they can enter the Tower. Trainees may simply walk up to a Gaidin and ask them for considaration into the Tower Training program. This must be worked out ICly, and in a thematic manner. Because someone was approved to join the Tower Training program ICly, does not mean that the Gaidin have to accept them into the White Tower if their IC attitude or disposition doesn't fit Tower standards. Keep that in mind when roleplaying your first few scenes.

Trainees have a series of lessons that they must complete OOCly before they will be considered for Sworn level training. It is up to the Trainee to attend the lessons and classes offered. If they find that they are having a difficult time getting classes, they should approach the Master Gaidin and/or the Master of Arms and his designates. They will help the student as much as possible in making sure he obtains his appropriate classes.

Trainees are expected to ICly complete a series of chores every day. However, in the onscreen life, it can be determined that those chores have been completed, leaving the Trainee free to do other things and get involved in other roleplay. Students may find that they are good openers to RP scenes.

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