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Yemena Marsheva Sylanovic
Mistress of the Kitchens
Country: Tar Valon
Birthday: ****
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Job: Mistress of Kitchens at the White Tower
Hair Color: Salt-&-Pepper
Eye Color: Blue
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Yemena Marsheva Sylanovic was born to the owners of a bake shop. Known as Mena to her friends and family, she had a childhood much like any other. She was neither more nor less a troublemaker than any of her friends, though that wasn't saying much. Her fascination with food and the making of it began after they'd gotten caught liberating a cooling fruit pie from a neighbor's kitchen window when she was ten. Their punishments varied, but hers was to scrub the neighbor's floor every day for two weeks. The scrubbing was boring work, but as she scrubbed she watched her neighbor cooking, turning flour into pie crusts, a little meat and some chopped vegetables into stew, a lump of meat into a succulent, juicy roast. The whole process fascinated her, and when she'd finished her punishment, she returned the next day and asked the neighbor to teach her to cook. Her parents, she explained, were far too busy with the bakery, and she wanted to surprise them with a hot meal when they returned from work that evening.

It was an odd beginning to a highly profitable mentorship. Mena's parents came home to steaming bowls of meat stew, thick with vegetables. They were, indeed, surprised, but also grateful. They recognized the recipe, having shared meals with their neighbor in the past, and took one of that day's pies over to thank her. Mena accompanied them, silently, and remembers what her mentor said when her parents thanked her to this day. "It isn't me you should be thanking," the neighbor answered with a smile, gesturing toward Mena with a wooden spoon, "You should be thanking my student. And you, Mena, had best hurry and finish your dinner. You've pots to scrub."

Her parents were stunned, certainly, but also delighted. Perhaps, they thought, their daughter's love of cooking would lead her to take over the bake shop. They began taking her with them three days of the week, teaching her the secrets of baking more different breads, tarts, pies, and cakes than she could even count. She spent the rest of the week with her neighbor, learning the making of meals. This continued for several years until, when she was just thirteen, a fire destroyed her parents' bakery and crippled her father. Her mother continued baking, selling her goods from a small cart in a market, but it was a struggle to support the family on that meager income.

Once again, Mena took matters into her own hands. One day, while her mother was at market, she made sure her father was comfortable, gave careful instructions to her brother, only a few years younger than her, and went again to see her neighbor. This time, her request was a little different. Her mentor helped her secure a place in the kitchens of a minor noble. She moved her few belongings to her new home after a tearful good bye, with promises to return home each week, on her free day. Again, this continued for several years, with her returning home once a week, taking her pay to her family. Spending as much time as she did in the kitchens, she began to take on the stereotypical look of a cook: chubby, then heavy, and finally just plain round. And yet, she was obviously happy.

Through the years, she rose through the ranks in the kitchens, until the old head cook retired and the job was passed to her at the age of 20. She ran the kitchen as her mentor had run hers: with an iron hand carefully concealed in a silk glove. As long as things were done as they should be, as long as the kitchen help behaved properly, she was kind and friendly, but when any one of them caused trouble, she turned stern and unyielding as a stone. Few stepped out of line more than once, and things ran smoothly.

Seven years later, the family for whom she worked decided to move away, but Mena found that she simply couldn't leave her family behind. She found herself turning, once again, to the mentor who had done so much for her. From her, she learned that the Mistress of Kitchens at the White Tower was prepared to retire, but was searching first for a suitable replacement. Her neighbor arranged an interview, the family for whom she had worked for so long provided references, and Mena soon found herself the new Mistress of Kitchens. Her predecessor stayed on for a time, to help her settle in, but in a few months left it all in Mena's care. That was ten years ago, and Mena--Cook, as she's now known to nearly everyone but her family--has never been happier.

Family Information


Erihne Syloanovic

Erihne is Yemena's mother, though she's getting on in her years now. She was a rather wonderful cook who helped Yemena learn the love of baking and making food taste great. She loves her mother, and has a close relationship to her and the rest of her family.

Fergis Syloanovic

Fergis is Yemena's father. He baked alongside his wife and was a very promiment figure in Yemena's life. A fire to their shop crippled him, and without being able to walk so easily, he had to retire from cooking - though often helped in the kitchen preparing foods where he could sit down. He has a warm spot in Yemena's heart always. She's worried, now that he's older, that he may not last much longer. An old man can only hobble around so much.


Itarin Sylanovic

Itarin is Yemena's brother, 5 years younger than herself. Her parents believed in spacing the children out well between the ages. Like Quenia, she's not entirely close to her brother, but hears that he is getting along well, and is finally attempting to seek a wife for himself. Yemena thinks it's about time.

Quinea Sylanovic

Quinea is Yemena's younger sister, by about 10 years. They are fond of one another, but are not particularly close as far as sister's go. Quenia has a family of her own now, a husband and three wonderful children. Yemena is often times sad that she hasn't gotten to really meet or see the children, her nieces and nephews, but it is one of the thing she intends to look into once she's more settled into the Tower and her position.





This woman has been Yemena's mentor since she can ever remember. She's helped Yemena along in a variety of things, and is considered her best friend. In fact, it was Katyla who aided Yemena in getting her position at the White Tower, and she'll be forever grateful for that. She feels she can talk to Katyla at any time, and often times confides in her about the students of the Tower and their misbehaviors.


Herlikin Lennor

Yemena did not hit it off to a great start with this Taraboner Novice. In fact, everything was sour from the beginning. Yemena blames it in part on herself, but Herlikin didn't help matters any. Hearing that she was from a royal family, even though not having any real claims to the family, Yemena had already formed the opinion that the young girl thought herself above everyone else, including Yemena, so Yemena purposefully spoke down to her ande made sure that she knew that she was a subordinate whenever in the kitchens. It's something that Yemena regrets, but considered it was a necessary thing to do. She tries to have as little to do with Herlikin as possible, and is often times too hard on her on purpose. She can't help how she feels about the matter.

Lelend Lyncos

This man has recently moved to Tar Valon and has set up shop as a street vending confectioner. This in itself isn't bad, but he is drawing your Aes Sedai and the Accepted of the Tower out of your kitchens and into the streets to buy his sweets. The affront of this bothers you to your core and you cannot find it in you to think a good thought about him. You look down on him at all times and deride him whenever possible.

Other acquaintances





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