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General Overview

Your character's background details the key experiences in his life that occurred up to the point when you began playing him, and outlines his personality, goals, etc. You must complete the background stage of chargen to have the character you developed in the character generation process approved and be permitted to role-play all the abilities you selected. (See Character Approvals for information on the approval process.)

The commands to enter your public and private backgrounds are listed in '+help bg' when you are logged into the game.

How Do I Write a Background?

Your character background is one of the most important steps in chargen. It outlines the key people and events in your character's life and helps build him up into a realistic, multi-faceted person. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Backgrounds are usually written as chronological biographies in third or first person. You are welcome to explore other formats, but please remember that you may be asked to rewrite it if the reviewer is not able to read and understand it easily.
  • There are a lot of aspects to a person that aren't part of the chargen system. You should include these in your background, particularly if they're notable. Does your character hold beliefs at odds with his station and cultural background? Does your character have any striking personality traits like a quick temper or a love for animals? Does s/he have any strong goals in life? Do you plan to do anything unusual with your role-play of the character?
  • The character background you write is not just for the admin, it's for you. It provides you with a reference about the history and personality of your character, perhaps some background on her family and friends, etc. This can be particularly useful during your first few months of role-playing the character, while you're still "getting to know" him or her.
  • Your character background is not publicly accessible. You should include everything of note about your character, including things that might be "secret", or that the character himself might not even be aware of.

The character background you write at the end of chargen is not accessible to other players. The only people who can look at it are you, and the admin (Wizards and Staff). Admin have been instructed to keep the details of your character private. They will not repeat them to others or use them in their own role-play.

A system to post a public background also exists, as many people like to share a basic outline of their characters with other people, and many people find this to be a helpful memory aid. See '+help bg' for more info.

As you input your background, please keep in mind that an admin member will have to read it to approve it. Reading a paragraph that is 5 "MUSH pages" long is difficult. Please insert a blank line between paragraphs by using %r%r. Backgrounds are limited to 7950 characters (including spaces) in length.


Tom types:

Nilbid is a sailor.%r%rHe was born in Tear to poor parents.

When Tom reads his background, it will appear like this:

Nilbid is a sailor.

He was born in Tear to poor parents.

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