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The second choice in chargen is the socio-economic Class your character grew up a part of. Type 'cg ' for a description of each class and a list of chargen effects. These are the available Classes:

Pauper Poor Trades Middle Upper Noble

NOTE: You must be pre-approved to select Noble, see the Noble class for information.

If your family's Class changed during his life (his rich family lost their money), or she was born to people of one Class but raised in another, choose the class your character spent the most time in between the ages of 5 and 15.

Your class is used by the chargen system and is a tool to help you develop your character. Your character is NOT limited to playing within your chosen Class. Your status can change during game play - a rich family adopts you, you're promoted to an important job, etc. The Class you choose here defines your character's PAST only, not the present or future.

Your character's social class can have an impact on what he had an opportunity to learn and do in his youth, as well as her attitudes about life. Nobles and wealthy people tend to look down on the lower classes, while those in the lower classes often resent or envy the wealthy.

The social class you choose can also affect your options in the chargen system as follows.

Those of the lowest classes tend to work at hard labor, so they gain extra Statistic point(s). However, they have fewer opportunities in life, so it may cost them more to purchase an economic aspect like starting out with some armor and a weapon. Those of the highest classes have more opportunities so it costs less for them to select economic-related aspects, but they do not have the advantage of extra Statistic points.

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