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Race and Nationality

The first choice you make in the character generation process is which nationality or race your character grew up a part of. Go to 'Cultures' for IC information about each option. These are the available cultures:

Aiel Almoth Plain Altara Amadicia
Andor Arad Doman Arafel Cairhien
Far Madding Ghealdan Illian Kandor
Malkier Mayene Murandy Ogier
Saldaea Sea Folk Shienar Tarabon
Tar Valon Tear Tinkers

Choose the culture your character spent the most time in between the ages of 5 to 15 if he was born to one but raised in another. If she traveled throughout that period, pick the culture of the people who raised her.


Permanent characters must be human or Ogier. Monsters like Trollocs are only available as temporary characters approved by the Wizard staff.

Your character's culture has a big impact on him. It influences his view of the world and other peoples. People who grew up in Tar Valon tend to respect and accept Aes Sedai, while those who grew up in Amadicia usually fear or hate them. Those from the Borderland countries (Shienar, Saldaea, Arafel, Kandor) know that Trollocs and Fades are real, but most of those from southern nations (Altara, Tear, Illian, etc.) think they're fairy tales.

The culture you choose can also affect your options in chargen. Those from certain cultures might be granted a few starting Skill Levels in one or two Skills. All characters of Cairhienin or Tairen culture know a little bit about Daes Dae'mar, for instance. Your culture might also limit some of your choices - no Aiel can begin with knowledge of boating or how to use a sword, although he might learn these Skills later in play.

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