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White Tower

17 Amadaine, 1022

It is said that life in the White Tower is usually rote and routine these days. Aes Sedai come and go, Warders can be seen training future hopefuls in the practice yard. Novices and Accepted attend public and and private lessons, and meals are taken in one of the dining halls. There is generally a sense of peace and tranquility in the normal routine that many take comfort in.

That is, of course, until today. This day, an Accepted emerged from the dungeons below, used to hold prisoners of the White Tower, pale and ashen faced, looking ready to throw up. Followed closely behind her is Trelsendra Sedai, a Sitter of the Green Ajah, whose face is the viasage of pure stoicism. Yet, it is a constrained sort of stoicism; that of a woman carefully containing her emotions. She speaks quietly to the Accepted a moment, looking stern, and then hurries into the upper reaches of the Tower, tight-lipped.

While Trelsendra was speaking to her, the Accepted tried to keep her composure. She tried to look very much the part of an Aes Sedai. But, she just couldn’t do it. She broke down; and in breaking down the news comes out. Two Aes Sedai within the White Tower have been murdered! The small crowd that gathered around the Accepted, trying to comfort her before, starts to buzz.

When news of this reaches the ears of the Aes Sedai within the halls, they start to swarm in on the Accepted. News of a murder is not something they want to hear. Certainly, it’s not something they want to get out into the streets. But, the damage is done. Already, there are a few petitioners who were already more than a bit nervous about being there bee-lining for the exit. If Aes Sedai are not safe in the White Tower, how can they be assured of their own safety?

The Aes Sedai manage to contain the Accepted, but at least ⅓ of those who were waiting to petition them have left the White Tower. The identities of those who were found dead? None other than Paetrina Sedai, a Sitter for the Red Ajah, and Calliste Sedai - the former Keeper of the Chronicles, and member of the Brown Ajah - who has been held, until now, in the dungeons for matters unknown to the general public.

More Aes Sedai sweep into the petitioning chamber, where the Accepted had emerged, attempting to calm and reassure the people left, and to send Novices and Accepted away to their classes, or whatever chores they have left to do. In spite of themselves, several Aes Sedai look unnerved, and appear to be eyeing one another warily. In the end, one thing is certain. Today, this day, is not going to be a day of calm and routine, where one might expect to find some sort of peace and serenity.

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