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Leadership Information

Rulers: High Lords of Tear (NPC)
Symbols: 3 white crescent moons slanting across a half red, half gold field
Capital: Tear
Cities/Towns: Godan

General Overview

Tear lies to the far southeast. To its east is the Spine of the World, to its south the Sea of Storms, and to the north the Haddon Mirk forest. The Plains of Maredo separate Tear from Illian to the west. Tensions run high between the two countries, occasionally erupting into armed conflict.

Tear is governed by a council of its highest Lords, who reside at the Stone of Tear in the capital. The Stone was built during the Breaking, using the One Power, and has no seam or joint. It looms over the city like a small mountain, and has never been conquered. The Defenders of the Stone, a military and police force, are also housed in the Stone. The gulf between classes is wide. The nobility cares little for commoners, and taxes them outrageously, even abuses them. The legal system barely touches the nobility, but is harsh to commoners.

Tear city reflects this gulf. The upper classes live within a walled inner city of fine homes and palaces. Commoners live outside the walls in the port Maule district or the neighbouring warehouse Chalm district, both with unpaved muddy streets. Rural commoners live little better than animals in squalid conditions.

Male commoners wear baggy breeches tied at the ankle and belted with a bright sash. The few who wear coats wear a style tightly fitted to the chest and arms and flaring out from the waist, and made of dark cloth. Men wear wide, conical straw hats, or cloth hats (berets). Female commoners wear layered, decorative aprons over dresses with high necks and ankle-length skirts. Their wide-brimmed straw hats are often dyed to match their aprons. Both genders go in bare feet or wear tall wooden clogs over their shoes to traverse the muddy streets.

Noblemen wear bright silk or brocade coats with puffed, often striped, sleeves over tight pants that show off their legs. Noblewomen wear long gowns, sometimes cut to bare the shoulders, or with a lace ruff and matching tiny cap. Widows wear white. Ladies carry porcelain bottles of smelling salts. The Defenders wear black and gold puffy-sleeve coats, tight breeches tucked into their boots, and round, rimmed helmets. By law, only nobles, soldiers and foreigners may go armed.

Tear is a rich nation, though only the nobles profit from its wealth. Its main exports are olive oil and horses that are renowned the world over. It grows a great deal of grain, most of which is traded to Cairhien. Fishing is another common occupation. Most Tairens loathe anything to do with the One Power. Aes Sedai are permitted in the city, but may not Channel. Any native women who manifest the ability to Channel are immediately sent to the White Tower.

The introductory text used for this webpage was written and copyrighted © by Rhonda Peters. It is used with permission on Cuendillar MUSH.

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